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Somerset Sightings Map

Summer/Autumn 2020 Update

There were a record 26 pairs of release project cranes that held territories across the SouthWest of England this Spring with many of these going on to make breeding attempts. Monitoring was halted during 'lockdown' but we have been able to start catching up with the outcomes of the breeding season and unsuccessful breeding pairs, as well as unpaired 1st and 2nd year birds, plus a small number of pairs with fledged youngsters are now being seen around the Levels and Moors. The brown-headed youngsters can be picked out amongst the flock and they also make a distinctive squeaking call in flight - unlike the deep 'chirr-rupp - chirr-rupp' flight call of the adults. Try scanning for birds out on West Sedgemoor from the Fivehead Ridge or keep an eye out whilst walking the banks of the River Parrett between Oath and Stathe.

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Latest sightings

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Seen 37 weeks 16 hours ago by Casseyhains
Seen 38 weeks 2 hours ago by Dwebwizard
Seen 42 weeks 1 day ago by Julie Knight
Seen 46 weeks 3 days ago by Hannah Aitken
Seen 50 weeks 2 days ago by brainsxv
Seen 1 year 6 weeks ago by wren88
Seen 1 year 8 weeks ago by Colour Ring Reader