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Meeting the cranes


What a fantastic day! First, I should say hello, as I only recently joined the project and this is my first message.  Today has been incredibly exciting as I met our new young cranes for the first time! 

That’s me in the crane suit – well I know it could be just about anyone, but it really is me in there, honest!  Not the easiest thing to move around in, as the smock was rather long and I’m rather short – climbing over a stile on the way to the pen was a challenge!  And if I don’t look very relaxed it’s because I was worried I might accidentally step on a foot when the cranes gathered round to investigate me, so I stood frozen anxiously to the spot while Amy and Harry, the wonderful foster parents, went calmly about their work. 

I feel very privileged to have been able to meet the cranes up close and personal, and indeed very lucky to work on such an amazing project.  And to cap it all, it was a lovely sunny day on the levels (a rare enough treat this summer) and as we walked to the pen a kingfisher flew by – who could ask for anything more?

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Susan joined the Somerset RSPB team in July 2012 until Spring 2014 as the Somerset Wetlands Community Officer.  Prior to joining the project, Susan had worked on a wide range of environmental community projects across the globe, and was delighted to be working with cranes!