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Somerset Sightings Map

Winter 2018/19 update

As usual at this time of year, the reintroduced cranes are generally all gathered together in a flock (or siege / sedge as the collective noun describes). Even those with youngsters in tow from this year's breeding season can usually be seen in with the main flock. The young birds will have brown heads until early spring when they start to moult into adult plumage. A sedge of 40-50 can be encountered on the Somerset Levels, and a smaller group of around 10 overwinter at the WWT Slimbridge Reserve in Gloucestershire. In Somerset you can try looking and listening out for them from the River Parrett Trail (public footpath) that runs West of Langport towards Burrowbridge as they are sometimes out on Aller Moor, or flying between Aller Moor and West Sedgemoor. In Gloucestershire - head for the WWT Slimbridge Reserve.

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Latest sightings

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