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Somerset Sightings Map

Winter 2017/18 Update

The Somerset cranes are being particularly tricky to see this winter - and not really heading to any regular location with any predictability. You can still try looking and listening out for them from the River Parrett Trail that runs West of Langport towards Burrowbridge as they are sometimes out on Aller Moor. The section of river bank trail between the metal vehicle bridge over the River Parrett at Stathe and the footbridge at Oath is best, with early mornings giving the best chance. An alternative would be to visit WWT Slimbridge in Gloucestershire where you can often get really good views of a group of the dozen or so cranes that have established themselves there. A flock of around 30 cranes (all but one of non-project origin!) have been seen recently at the WWT Welney Reserve in Cambridgeshire too - so if you are over in the East - it's worth checking these out.

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