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Who's with whom?

The last couple of months have been a fascinating time and we have been seeing the cranes start to form pair-bonds with lots of display, agression and interesting allegiances forming.   The chart above has all the 2010 and 2011 males in the first column and then the females that are most closely bonded to them in the second column.    The most definite and obvious pairs we have so far are:

Let the hatching commence!

  Egg number 4 - which 'pipped' last night.

Fantastic news... the first of the eggs transported back on 1st May has just begun the hatching process - watch this space for more exciting news soon!

and the coldest hour, is just before dawn....

...and also the best time to listen out for potential pairs of cranes on their territories!  

Over the last few weeks a number of intrepid volunteers have been joining me in pre-dawn surveys across the levels and moors of Somerset, to listen out for the morning reveille - the courtship bugle of a crane pairs.   They tend to do this once they have established a territory - in a wet, quiet spot with plenty of decent chick rearing habitat near by.

R.I.P. D2

  Green Yellow Blue in September 2012.

...if you think its cold in the UK...

 Cranes in northern Germany March 2013.  Thanks for the photo Jane Muenstermann!

Phelps and the fishing line

 Phelps looking pretty sorry for himself in March 2013 with fishing tackle dangling from beak. 

'Gettin' Jiggy wit it....'

Yep... its Spring - or at least the cranes think so.  Lots of bugling, displaying, dancing, jumping about, throwing stuff around, storming about with chests puffed out and bustles all bustley and splendid looking.  

   Gerald -Ye-Bk-Wh (male) and Flash Gr-Bk-Wh (female) bugling away on Aller Moor. (Thanks to John Crispin for the photo)

Artist Appointed!

 Autumn Fieldfares, Melanie Tomlinson

We are delighted to announce that after a rigorous selection process, Somerset Art Works have appointed a  artist -  Melanie Tomlinson - to work with The Great Crane Project on a commission.

Melanie is primarily a metal worker and illustrator

Fabulous sequence of Wycliffe taking flight...

A lovely set of shots by John Crispin showing crane Yellow-White-Blue (Championed and named by Wycliffe College, Stonehouse) taking flight the other day.

Rain stops play - Crane viewing dates cancelled

I regret that we have taken the decision to cancel all of the crane viewing events between January 4th and 30th. 

 Crane feeding point..... and no cranes.....