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A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step....

Sadly - it would appear that so far -  this year's crane nesting attempts on the Somerset Levels and Moors have not produced any chicks.

  Timmy & Michaela's empty nest

Fighting spirit!

Gerald goes for Wiz

Lovely sequence of shots taken on Saturday morning by photographer and RSPB volunteer John Crispin.


1. Gerald on the right - off to beat up rival male Wiz... far left ...

Songs and Signs

...well perhaps not so much a song, as a noisy bugling noise.....

 Photo - Kevin Harris

Despite the cold frosty mornings, signs of Spring are all around and quite a few pairs of cranes are starting to form here on the Somerset Levels and Moors.

End of an Aussie era.

Harry on West Sedgemoor - February 2014



Whole lotta buglin' going on


 Photo - John Crispin.

Amazing sights and sounds here in Somerset... with lots of ritual strutting and bugling going on...

The cranes have been mostly on Wetmoor in recent days... best viewed  from the public footpath that runs along the South side of the River Yeo to the East of Langport.

Happy Christmas from the Great Crane Project!

Where are they now?

Through November, the group of around 70 birds in Somerset broke up into smaller units with birds being seen on maize stubbles and pasture near the river Yeo to the east of Long Load, on Aller Moor and on Southlake Moor. A group of around 40 have started regularly visiting Aller Moor where the banks of the River Parrett give an elevated position and better chance of seeing them. Try walking part of the River Parrett trail between Oath footbridge and Willow Bridge at Stathe.


" The Flying V "

What 'A Celebration of Cranes'!

After a big build up, it finally happened... and it did not disappoint!


Photo - John England.  One of two giant cranes made at community workshops during Somerset Art Weeks.