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A lovely moment captured by project volunteers Kevin Harris.  Some of the group of eighteen were seen napping in the afternoon sun.

There are four keeping an eye out whilst six take a siesta.  Can you spot all of them?

Baby Cranes!

  Chick 26 (First to hatch on April 21st 2011)


 Chick 26 venturing out into its run.....

Four go exploring.

  Spring Time Cranes in Somerset. (John Crispin)

Easter Egg Collection 2011 - Done!

  Amy, Beate and Damon collecting the last egg of the season.

Easter Eggs

easter egg

Easter means one thing for the crane project - CRANE EGGS!  The team have just arrived in Brandenburg Germany, to set up the incubation room in readiness for the next round of egg collection, with the first batch of eggs bound for the UK on April 21st - just before Easter.

To infinity....and beyond!

The Somerset eighteen have been enjoying the 'summer' and I watched them thermal up to around 1000 feet above a ploughed field yesterday.  It was incredible to watch and a little wierd too, to see the birds we know so well as tiny dots against the sky.  I just wished I could have been up there with them - the view over the Levels and Moors to Bridgwater Bay would have been amazing! No photo I'm afraid - it would only be of blue sky anyway. 

Curry Mallet Crane School

  Painting 'Gilbert' a lifesize crane sculpture

Discovering new pastures

  Burrow Mump and Southlake Moor

Photo  © English Heritage. NMR.

Friends Reunited

  Sedge feeding in pasture, early March, 2011

AWOL....but eating worms!

Found out where the cranes were last Saturday...they were feasting on worms, brought to the surface by a slurry irrigation system.  It's so great to see the birds being resourceful and discovering sources of food such as this - fantastic stuff!