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Cranes in Cornwall

Over the last few days a migrating flock of over 20 common cranes have been spotted in Cornwall.... and no - they have not come from Somerset!  


Have-a-go Cosmo

Cosmo  - having a go at Albert who is trying to feed within the pen.

Despite all this aggression, the 2010 and 2011 birds are now getting along well, and regularly feeding and roosting together.

Photo - Nick Upton  (thanks Nick!)

All loved up in Somerset

  Minnie, Squidgy and Vince - a bizarre love triangle ??

Strawberry blonds....

Here are the cranes - relaxing in their pre-release enclosure yesterday. 

Harvest - time of plenty.

 Harvesting wheat  - last day of July.

Jewellery fitted

Charlie (White Yellow White)


 Gerald (having a wing stretch)

All hands to the net!

Carrying the net into place


 Carrying the net into place...

Mr Crane or Mrs Crane....the results are in!

 In the rearing facility - early July.


cranes, midsummer

From left to right - here's Bart, Cosmo, Gilbert, Squidgy, Reg, Gemma, Clarence, Wendy and Chris on mid-summer's day.  Many many thanks to John Crispin, crane volunteer for the wonderful photograph.

... and here's Bart having a fly around!